Sarris Candies Donation Requests

Without a doubt, Frank Sarris was a generous man. Chocolate may have been his business, but people were his passion. His generosity will continue to touch hearts, with the legacy he left behind, for the community he dearly loved. To this day his wife Athena Sarris continues to contribute to the community and keep Frank Sarris' Legacy alive.

Frank and Athena Sarris Chair

University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Displays their contribution to foster the training of research
fellows in transplant-related research.

Frank Sarris Transplant Clinic

UPMC Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Built to carry on the tradition of excellence in
patient care and quality of life for those in need.

Frank Sarris Public Library

Canonsburg, PA

Built to ensure the availability of self
education for children, young and old.

Frank Sarris Orchid Room

Phipps Conservatory, Piitsburgh, PA

Dedicated to inspire and educate visitors to explore the
beauty and importance of the gifts of our Earth.